(Review originally written at 3 November 2005)

This is certainly one of the most beautiful movies ever made. Beautiful is of course something totally different than saying 'this is the best movie ever made'. With beautiful I mean that the movie is superbly looking with flawless costumes and sets and impressive landscapes and camera-work. And please lets also not forget the beautiful and perfect use of classical music that was all rearranged by composer Leonard Rosenman, for which he also received an Oscar. Same goes for the flawless art-direction, cinematography and costume design. Truly all the Oscars that it at least deserved to get.

"Barry Lyndon" is a long movie, like Kubrick movies often are. A lot is happening in the story but it never gets to much because the story is told in a slow way. Almost the entire life of the character Redmond Barry/Barry Lyndon is told in the movie. As a sort of Irish 18th century Forrest Gump he travels and sees Europe through the eyes of many different sides. It gives a great view and feel of the 18th century Europe and the British 'gentleman' culture in particular.

There is some absolutely stunning dialog in the movie. It's this typical old fashioned English polite way of talking that is used in this movie. It was a real joy to listen to and it provided some highly entertaining and memorable moments at times. The lines are all perfectly delivered by the fine actors. It was also great to see Pat Roach in this movie. Pat Roach is known for playing almost every of the big thugs in all the Indiana Jones movies. It's funny, I didn't recognized him by his face or voice but I did by his style of fighting. He fought in the same manner as he later did in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" during the airplane fight.

The story is told slowly and beautifully and is all beautiful narrated by Michael Hordern. You'll never be bored while watching this movie, I can guarantee that. There is simply too much happening in this movie to allow that.

An absolutely beautiful movie that also is an absolute must see.


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