(Review originally written at 21 August 2004)

The thing that surprised me about this movie was how big this production was. Thousands of extras and costumes and dozens of cameo's in a trip around the world.

Unfortunately the movie has lost some of its power throughout the years. It is beginning to get outdated and it almost seems like a miracle these days that this movie has won 5 Oscar's including the one for best picture in 1957. Especially the pace is outdated, there are some endless long scene's that just don't seem to end and go on and on.

The movie is filled with cameo's (the first movie ever). But I'm ashamed to say that I hardly recognized anyone. We are talking about 1956 here, those who were big stars back then are now long since gone. The only one I recognized was Sir John Gielgud, no I even didn't recognized Frank Sinatra or Marlene Dietrich.

David Niven was in his element and was a great leading man. I can't say that I'm completely happy with the casting choice of Cantinflas as Passepartout but fortunately it doesn't ruin the movie in any way.

The story is great and adventurous, there are countless fun and entertaining moments in this epic production.


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