(Review originally written at 17 July 2005)

Even though Spielberg himself didn't directed this movie, his style and humor is notable throughout the entire movie. It's pretty obvious that Frank Marshall's his role model as a director is his good friend Steven Spielberg. There are several typical 'Spielberg' elements present in the movie; some of the dialog, the highly entertaining and somewhat eccentric characters and the humor are the best examples of this.

Let's face it people, this movie is pretty dumb and has a very weak story. It has B-movie written all over it. Yet the movie is made with lots of profession, as well as in front as behind the camera. Frank Marshall, Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Michael Kahn, Mikael Salomon, all are involved in this movie. This are persons who know how to make an entertaining movie, I mean all of them worked together before on "Raiders of the Lost Ark" which perhaps is THE most entertaining movie of all time.

The movie also has some high class actors. Jeff Daniels, Julian Sands and John Goodman definitely are not the worst actors of all time. The rest of the cast features some highly entertaining and eccentric different kind of characters, which help to make this movie an highly entertaining one.

The movie is probably more fun and entertaining than it's scary. Still the movie provides some good and terrifying moments. Be honest, who didn't checked the shower, or his popcorn or cornflakes extra carefully after watching this movie? The ending however ruins quite a bit. It's extremely weak, silly and unbelievable, that whole Dr. Jennings versus the spider queen and 'general' thing. A bit of a disappointing finale for a further more just fun and mainly entertaining horror movie with B-movie symptoms.

This movie will make everyone at least a tiny bit arachnophobic for a short period of time.


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