(Review originally written at 4 August 2005)

This movie really feels like an empty one. Basically the story is about nothing and it never is really going somewhere because of its incoherent feeling it has. Basically this movie is subplot after subplot without really one main focus. I think this is also due to the fact that the main character is not really interesting or likable enough.

Also the movie is seriously lacking in style. It has an awful 'made-for-tv' kind of look, completely with the standard camera-work and editing.

Still the humor makes this movie somewhat fun to watch but it simply ain't enough to prevent this movie from being an disappointing and bad late sequel to the 1981 movie "An American Werewolf in London" directed by the obviously more talented director John Landis.

The story is set in Paris but somehow for some reason the makers didn't really took advantage of this. The movie doesn't even look like it was made in Paris and I think I'm probably right to think so, considering that this movie filming locations also include Amsterdam, Luxembourgh and Metz. Probably the only sequences filmed in Paris were the ones with the Eiffel tower. Probably the obviously low budget was the reason for this but still it remains a missed opportunity to try and give this movie some more atmosphere and style.

The movie does deserve credit for the werewolf scene's. Its obvious were they spend most of the budget on. The transformation sequences are nicely done and the early CGI for the werewolf's is also pretty nicely done, especially when considering that his movie was made back in 1997. Sure, it looks outdated at times but still it surprised and impressed me how advanced the effects looked at times.

Watchable? Just maybe slightly. The humor is enjoyable at times but the movie seriously lacks a good script and characters. If you like werewolf movies this maybe still be a worthy movie to watch for you.


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