(Review originally written at 15 December 2005)

"American Wedding" is a still good and original comedy but it unfortunately never comes close to the high level of the previous two American Pie movies. There are several explanations to why this is.

The first thing is because of the formula that already has been milked out a bit now in the previous two movies. All the freshness is gone and because of that the movie also becomes predictable at times.

Second thing are the characters. For some reason the characters don't work out as good as in the previous two movies. They are not in college any more and they're no longer teenagers and are now part of the normal everyday society. The normal world doesn't exactly suit the characters and they work better in a teenage college environment. The characters had been changed a bit too much to fit into this movie with as a result that they are less funny and especially the sidekicks get very little interesting to do in this movie.

I'm sounding negative but it still is a good and enjoyable movie that has some well conceived moments in it that are good for some serious laughs. Also what makes this comedy better than the average movie is the Stifler character played by Seann William Scott. He brings real life to the movie and his character is even more prominently present as in the previous two movies. His character truly carries the movie and is the main reason why this movie is a fun one to watch, even though compared to the first two American Pie movies it isn't nearly as good and fresh.


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