(Review originally written at 22 November 2005)

Out of all the teenage comedies we were bombarded with the last couple of years, this one is by far the best. The comedy is cruel and perhaps predictable but the execution of it is perfect, thanks to the actors and the characters they portray and some excellent spot-on timing.

Really what makes "American Pie" superior to other teenage comedies are the characters. There are lots of characters in the movie and all are well constructed, crazy in their own way and simply fun to watch. On top of that their dialog is very good and highly realistic and believable. Although I normally hate it when some teenagers are being played by some twenty year old, I had in this case no problems with it, simply because all of the actors fitted their roles like a glove. I especially liked Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott. But best role of the movie was played by Eugene Levy as Jim's dad. Quite honestly one of the best and most hilarious movie dads ever created!

Most of the jokes and dialog are cruel and is mostly about only sex and poop but it works surprisingly hilarious, with as a result some hilarious classic comedy moments. Of course the apple pie sequences has already become a bit of a classic but I even liked the whole web-cam strip sequences with Jason Biggs and Shannon Elizabeth even better. Yes, I even liked the poop humor with Eddie Kaye Thomas as Finch in the movie. There are truly some hilarious sequences in the movie that are perhaps at first sight a bit lame and predictable but all perfectly timed and performed by the actors. Poop- and sex humor just doesn't get any better than this! Plus it also has a good morale in it that works out in the ending without ever getting lame or too over-the-top.

A teenage comedy classic, that works in almost every way!


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