(Review originally written at 18 October 2005)

This is pure movie making at its very best. The non-linear storytelling works perfect for the movie.

The story is difficult to describe, also due to the fact that not everything is told chronological. The movie sounds difficult but it never becomes confusing. Everything is making sense and connected brilliantly to each other. The movie has three main characters played by; Sean Penn, Noami Watts and Benicio Del Toro. Each character has an own storyline that are all in one way or another connected to each other. The movie is brilliantly put together and are once more proof of it that all you need to make a brilliant movie is a brilliant story.

But it's not just only the story that is brilliant in this movie, so are the actors. Mainly Noami Watts and Benicio Del Toro are superb and chilling in their roles. Both were also nominated for an Oscar for their roles in this movie. Also keep an eye on Eddie Marsan he is a great new rising star and has already played in some great productions and has some more great production in the pipeline. All of the characters feel very warm and realistic. They're all like normal everyday persons, until one event chances all their lives differently and they are bound to do things that they normally wouldn't. "21 Grams" is a powerful, confronting, gritty, realistic movie.

Director Alejandro González Iñárritu makes with this movie a wonderful impression. If he continues to make movies like this, he'll grow into becoming one of the best directors in the business, at the moment.


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