(Review originally written at 20 March 2005)

This movie is seriously lacking. With a story like this you would expect something way better than this pretty messy movie.

Especially from a director like John McTiernan you would expect something way better. The movie however is seriously lacking tension while the story itself on its own is pretty tense and mysterious. With "Predator" McTiernan showed that he could mix hard-action with science-fiction. Then why can't he mix adventure with action?

The characters are heavily underdeveloped and I seriously can't tell who is who in this. Antonio Banderas however is good and believable as the anti-hero this time.

The sword fights are also somewhat disappointing. The movie is just way too dark and you can't really tell what is happening the whole time. Also the fights are pretty short themselves. There however are some good gory scene's. A normal functional male while still find some pleasure in watching this movie.

Also the pace feels just completely wrong at times and the story never really becomes completely clear. The story itself reminded me also a bit too much of other stories and movies like "The Magnificent Seven". Yes, they could have really called this movie "The Magnificent Thirtheen".

McTiernan really messed this movie up.


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