(Review originally written at 19 August 2004)

Nice characters and some fun moments, these 6 words are all that are needed to describe this movie. "101 Reykjavík" is overall an average movie, a kind of movie that you'll easily forget after you've seen it and makes you wonder why you've seen it in the first place. Nothing special you can say.

I actually really liked the atmosphere and there was some sharp dialog like you would expect from an European movie.

The characters were nice although of course over the top just like the story. I even found the story to be predictable at times and a bit too easy but at least it had some funny moments, although a bit too few for my taste. I expected more from this movie.

Hilmir Snær Guðnason was a good leading man but please don't ask me how to pronounce his name. I can't really judge the acting skills of all of the other actors since it is hard if not impossible to judge actors that are speaking in a language that you don't speak.

This movie is predictable and just too average all.

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