(Review originally written at 3 January 2004)

"The Road to El Dorado" is a wonderful adventure movie with great music and tons of humor that are good for more then a few laughs. But it has some flaws...

The movie starts of extremely well in a good fast pace and with some nice comical moments. But later on the movie loses some of it's pace and the story takes a not so positive turn and all the feeling of adventure is suddenly gone. A shame because the movie had lot's of potential.

A major problem is that the movie lacks a good villain. Cortes is underused and plays a too minor role to be really considered a villain. And Tzekel-Kan also doesn't play that much of a role in the story. The story focuses a bit too much on the friendship of Miguel and Tulio and leaves a lot of potential unused.

The movie is filled with visual beauty and some really well done scene's. The animation is above average but not as good as Dreamworks previous animated masterpiece "The Prince of Egypt". That might very well be one of the reasons why this movie flopped a bit; People were expecting too much from this movie after "The Prince of Egypt".

The musical numbers are excellent. The combination Hans Zimmer/Elton John pays of once more. But why is the extremely fun soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and John Powell (and co.) not available? Unfortunately the only CD available is the one with the nice Elton John songs on it. A shame because the music was very good and fun! But oh well, I can still listen to it while watching the movie.

An excellent feel good movie.


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