(Review originally written at 7 October 2003)

It's not the scariest movie I have ever seen but it certainly is the most fun to watch.

Unlike many other horror movies this movie has very little gore but that doesn't mean it's not scary. It has lot's of sounds and visually scary moments. The tree and the clown scene are two of this very scary scene's!

Also unlike many other horror movies this movie is in a way fun to watch. The movie also have seem to be made with lot's of fun and there are some typical Spielberg comical moments and dialogue. Just one of the things that proof to me that Spielberg was more then just a producer/writer. Other things that proof this are the characters and the way some of the scene's are shot. Even the atmosphere is the same as in "E.T." that Spielberg made the same year. I don't know what Tobe Hooper did for this movie but it can't have been much.

The cast is excellent. Rarely have I ever seen such a great realistic and natural portrayal of a family. I especially like Craig T. Nelson as the father of the family. The characters that aren't part of the family are mostly extremely entertaining such as the neighbor Ben Tutthill or the pool workers who have to take at least one bite out of everything that's in the kitchen. But also of course Zelda Rubinstein as the extremely small but smart and wise Tangina Barrons.

Another wonderful thing about the movie is the cinematography, the editing but especially the music by Jerry Goldsmith. It's too bad he didn't won an Oscar for it but if you have to compete against John Williams score for "E.T." you just don't stand a chance and then it's no shame to lose.

The special effects are typical 80's like and can now days be described as with all respect; campy. They can be compared with the one's used in "Ghostbusters". But for some reason it adds to the charm of the movie and I extremely like it.

Wonderful movie with some scary moments that still is very fun to watch.


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