(Review originally written at 1 August 2003)

Of all the Bonds that has been made, this one is far from my favorite. But that doesn't mean it's a bad movie.

Still I must admit that this Bond has some excellent villains although general Orlov (Steven Berkoff) is highly underused. Still, Kamal (Louis Jourdan) alone is an entertaining villain. I also like the bond sidekick Vijay (Vijay Amritraj). The Bond girls on the other hand aren't the best of all time.

The story however isn't the best. Maybe because it's a bit too complicated for a Bond movie? The movie also lacks memorable scene's that almost all the other Bond movies have. The story is even silly at points, yes, even for a Bond movie.

Still the movie has a high entertainment level thanks to Roger Moore who portrays Bond perfectly with his typical humor.


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