(Review originally written at 31 December 2003)

I expected great things from this movie after seeing the trailer but I ended up extremely disappointed by the end result.

The major problem is that the movie lacks a story. The story just seems like a lame excuse for a bunch of guys to dress up like WW II soldiers and fight each other. Also the few story elements that are present are extremely flawed, unlikely and unbelievable. Still there is some nice character development for a 15 minute short although not all characters are likeable for the viewer.

The costumes (with the exception of the soldier with the white pants, who I call Pvt. Pants now) are nice and so are the settings. The acting is fairly good and the dialogues are acceptable and the movie doesn't have that much of an amateur look. The effects however are pretty lame.

The talent and the passion for movie making is there, however the execution of it all is simply not good.

Better luck next time and try to add some more story the next time please.


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