(Review originally written at 9 March 2003)

The biggest mistake most people make is that they compare this movie to "Silence of the Lambs". But please try not to, try to see this as an individual movie, this way you'll enjoy it more and maybe then you'll see how wonderful this movie truly is.

From the excellent "action movie" like beginning till the tense and gross ending this movie knows how to scare you, excite you, amuse you and disgust you.

Some people say the Hannibal character isn't scary enough because he isn't behind glass this time. I have to disagree. The way he stalks and make inspector Pazzi(Giancarlo Giannini) feel very uncomfortable is done very well and really scary. There's only one thing in the movie that scares me more and that's Mason Verger (an unrecognizable and brilliant Gary Oldman) His face is absolutely disgusting in a good way.

Getting Ridley Scott to direct this movie was a great move. The atmosphere is really good and dark. Hans Zimmer delivers a nice soundtrack that really sets the mood. But what's even better is the cinematography. The scene's in the movie are beautiful and it's like you're watching a moving painting. (Especially the Florence, Italy scene's)

Absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend this movie.


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