(Review originally written at 25 July 2003)

A cool outfit, trendy sunglasses and awesome weapons. Blade has got it all.

Blade is the coolest action hero in years and the movie is certainly one of the most original vampire movies. The atmosphere is dark and cool and the strange but nice cinematography by Theo van de Sande adds to that.

The cast is good and the characters are pretty cool especially the main villain Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) is awesome but also Wesley Snipes seems to be born to wear the dark cool Blade outfit. Unfortunately the female actresses (N'Bushe Wright and Arly Jover) aren't the world's greatest, to put it gently.

The best thing about the movie are the fights. I even recognize some of the style in "The Matrix" and even the atmosphere is almost identical. The success of this movie also inspired to make other super hero movies (Spider-man, Daredevil, Hulk, X-Men etc.). Some were successful, others were not.

The special effects are also nice and sometimes even gross. (Exploding vampires!)

Just a cool nonsense movie that's very entertaining.



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